Enrollment Information for Current Schools

Priority Enrollment begins for Current Families April 15th through April 19th! Open Enrollment for everyone begins April 22nd for current schools!

Newly Acquired Schools

Priority Enrollment April 22nd through April 26th! Open Enrollment for everyone begins April 29th!

Our Story


Hot Spots Extended Care Program Inc. originated within the structure of Celebree Learning Centers, a for-profit early child care provider, as an external provider to students attending schools in the local community. As a sister organization of Celebree, HSECP was formed to support the voices of parents requesting in-school educational enrichment that eliminated transportation.

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Our passion for children does not stop when the school day ends, but extends into the nontraditional learning environment. Through a collaborative partnership Hot Spots, School Day educators and Community Leaders extend children’s learning experience outside of the “typical school day hours!” Learning changes a child’s life offering opportunity, imagination and a dream.

Our Goals

Our vision is to promote academic achievement by extending learning outside of the classroom and strengthening the school-community relationships through collaboration and partnerships with educational leaders and community stakeholders.

Our Partners

Hot Spots Extended Care Program partners with and serves institutions including but by no means limited to, schools, libraries and districts. Discover them here.

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How We Help


At HSECP, students learn lessons that can be applied to school and to life. Learn more about the ideology behind the student curriculum here.

Student's Experience

Student confidence, creativity and collaboration are heightened through the Hot Spots Extended Care Program curriculum experience.

School Community Engagement

HSECP forms two-way relationships that are rooted in goal alignment and constructive group reflection.


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Congratulations to Our 2017-2018 Grant Recipients

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Here's What Hot Spots Parents Have to Say:

"The staff at Hot Spots has developed positive relationships with students and have great interactions that provide great activities and invoke positive thought processes."

"Hot Spots has attentive hands on staff, educational programs, assists with homework, and cares about each child."

"My son frequently states that Hot Spots is his favorite activity of the day. He loves participating in the physical activities with the older kids."

"The kids often tells us about projects they are doing in Hot Spots, and are very excited about them."

"The educators at Hot Spots are very hands on with the children, giving both positive and negative feedback."

"My son really enjoys having the extra time to spend with his peers and other children of other ages. He has really learned a lot from the STEM program and other activities that he participates in."

"The Hot Spots staff always has a comment specific to my son. It is nice to know my son isn't lost in a sea of kids."

"The Hot Spots staff are courteous, polite and always positive."

21st Century Enrichment Grant

Hot Spots Extended Care Program has partnered with The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools to launch for the first time during this school year 21st Century Enrichment Grants to BCPS elementary schools to fund innovative projects not funded in the school budget.

Join Us

As a not-for-profit, we are interested in developing relationships with organizations who understand the value of our vision and the importance of developing our youth.