On May 24th, the students and families of Cromwell Valley Elementary School will come together for the Family Library and STEAM: Build a Better Bug night. This event, which was coordinated through the efforts of Hot Spots and the Cromwell Valley Elementary, was designed based on two main objectives. First, to give families time to relax and read together in the library. Second, to teach parents about Hot Spot’s STEAM magnet activities as well as give them time to collaborate as a family on a STEAM activity. Hot Spots is excited to host an event which gives families a chance to have fun while learning.

The Build a Better Bug night will begin around 4 pm at which time families will spend an hour reading and enjoying light refreshments in the library. At 5pm, students and families will collaborate as they work through the Engineering Design Process to “Build a Better Bug.” This night will give students the chance to participate in a small sample of what the STEAM Magnet program has to offer.

The STEAM Magnet program at Cromwell Valley Elementary School was created to give students and their families a chance to spend time together in different ways. These nights give students the opportunity to stretch their minds, work creatively and improve their tactile skills. The students’ families will have the chance to watch their little ones learn and grow while also having the chance to exercise their own creative and analytical side.

Hot Spots, in conjunction with the Cromwell Valley Elementary School, is excited to provide opportunities for community connection and outreach, as well as coordinate exciting learning experiences with schools dedicated to bringing after-school enrichment to their students.

To learn more about how you can plan a Hot Spots partnership event at your school, contact us today!