Curriculum Focused Before and After Care at HotSpots!

Differentiating ourselves from other before and after care providers is essential to our 44 programs as we near the end of one school year and focus on improvements for the next. HotSpots Extended Care Program uses a variety of practices and methods to ensure the children in our program are continually learning and growing outside of the school day. We do this through “Spots” around the Program, a monthly curriculum calendar, “Read Aloud” and an overall commitment to quality before and after care.


The “Spots” around the facilities consist of 7 designated spots or areas of interest.  In the Lounge, children can read a book or play a board game with a peer. The Technology spot allows students to engage with electronics in a monitored learning environment. Study Hall is where the children can work individually, or with teacher support, to complete any school assignments. In the Spotlight, children can engage with their peers through imaginative play opportunities. The Engineering Zone is filled with various building materials and accessories to create unlimited structures.  The Art Studio contains a plethora of artistic materials and mediums for children to experiment with and create, while the last of the seven “Spots” is the Café where all food will be served for morning and afternoon snacks!


The completed monthly curriculum calendars are set so that the curriculum is planned out for each day. This allows communication to parents about the activities their child will be engaged in during that month. The project-based learning, classroom connection, spot challenges, student led club, Wellness Wednesdays and Family Fun Fridays are noted for each day. This type of structure and planning is what sets HotSpots apart!


At the end of every morning program, the last 10 to 15 minutes will be devoted to a read aloud. This will create a ritual for the children and assist with the transition from before school to beginning the school day. The goal is that everyone is enjoying a reading experience that promotes a love of reading and sets the stage for a positive school day.

Through all these purposeful practices that HotSpots instills, we are able to create an exceptional before and after care experience for both our children and our parents. We know how crucial those hours before and after school can be, and that is why we take the time to plan and utilize a curriculum-based learning