Environment Day at Mechanicsville Elementary

On Friday, March 17, students, educators and families will come together at Mechanicsville Elementary School for an Environmental Experience. This event, which was planned through the partnership and collaboration of Hot Spots, Our Schools and Mechanicsville educators, is intended to help students develop a deeper understanding of eco-friendly energy sources and why they are important.  Mechanicville students and educators will also investigate ways to conserve energy both at school and at home.

The students at Mechanicsville Elementary will spend the day learning about eco-friendly energy sources through hands-on classroom lessons on wind and solar energy. They will then end their day with an interactive assembly which will reinforce their understanding of the classroom lessons and enhance environmental awareness in general. Students will then be challenged to practice what they learned by completing the Energy Detective Challenge during the remainder of March and beginning of April.

The structured activities at Mechanicsville Elementary’s Environment Day will allow teachers and students a better understanding of the importance of energy conservation.  Students will be able to apply this knowledge to their daily routines both in school and in home by using the suggestions from the Energy Detective Challenge.  Ultimately, this knowledge can lead the MES community to reduce energy usage and begin to look into more eco-friendly energy solutions.

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