Environmental STEM Event at Wellwood International

On Monday, April 3, students, educators and families will come together at Wellwood International Elementary School for an Environmental STEM Night. This event, which was planned through the partnership and collaboration of Hot Spots, GreeNEWit and Wellwood educators, is intended to help students and families to develop a deeper understanding of eco-friendly energy sources and why they are important.  As Wellwood is working towards renewing its Green School status for the first time, this partnership and event will help the school to complete many components of the program in a fun and engaging way.

This collaborative partnership began with months of coordinating and planning between the Green School team at Wellwood, and the team at Hot Spots and GreeNEWit. The Environmental STEM event will begin by educating our teachers and students about renewable, clean sources of energy through professional development, assemblies and classroom activities during the day. These innovative ideas will carry over into the evening, by inviting Wellwood families to come into the school house to learn more about renewable energy with their children, and engage in lessons about how they can begin to be more energy efficient in their own lives. The event will work to bring together the entire community—from our students and teachers to our community stakeholders like parents and local organizations—in order to raise awareness for one great cause, helping our environment.

The Environmental STEM event at Wellwood International Elementary School will allow students the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of how they will maintain ownership and responsibility of their life’s energy use. They will also gain a better understanding of the interrelationship between humans and energy. The greater community and parents will also learn to understand the reason for, and how to implement, actions that can be taken at home to limit their community’s carbon footprint. Overall, this collaboration has allowed Wellwood International the ability to form connections and relationships with local organizations, and with other committees in our school, that will facilitate future community-wide events.

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