On Thursday March 23rd, families came together at Hillcrest Elementary School for the Hillcrest Wellness Night. This event was the culmination of efforts by students, teachers and Hot Spots educators to teach students and families about the benefits of, and ways to practice, healthy living.

Through Hillcrest’s partnership with Hot Spots Extended Care Programs—made possible through the 21st Century Enrichment Grant program facilitated by the Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools—teachers and staff were able to formulate initiatives to educate students and families about the benefits of farm to table programs and wellness activities. Students and staff then took part in assemblies over the course of many weeks that introduced them to components of healthy eating and living a life focused on wellness.

The Hillcrest Wellness Night provided families an opportunity to come together to learn about many aspects of healthy living and how it can greatly improve the quality of our lives. Hillcrest educators, community members and PTA came together to provide an abundance of activities that supported the goals of the event, which included shopping at the Hillcrest Grocery, planting a mini salad greenhouse, learning to row or bike and participating in yoga and/or a fitness boot camp. These types of activities reinforced what students and faculty had already learned through planned lessons regarding topics that ranged from seat belt safety, to where food comes from, to exercising to stay fit.

Hot Spots’ Partnership with Hillcrest Elementary School

The partnership fostered between HSECP and Hillcrest allowed the school to coordinate and implement a Wellness Night that over 200 families attended. This event provided staff, students and families to learn the benefits of wellness through structured lessons, which in turn will lead them to making more of a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle. Hillcrest Elementary School Liaison, Mary Beth Capka, said of the partnership, “Emily and her staff are outstanding. They did a lot of prep work that we would have struggled to finish in time for Wellness Night and they were organized, enthusiastic and up for any challenge the night of our event.”

HSECP Programs and Partnerships

Hot Spots Extended Care Programs offer elementary schools around Maryland the opportunity to further their educational and enrichment goals through our before and after-school care programs and partnerships. Our purpose is to aid students in the application of skills learned during the traditional educational day and to transfer and reinforce that knowledge using instructional strategies, hands-on learning experiences and digital learning tools. HSECP also provides schools with access to partners, within the communities in which they reside, in effort to form two-way relationships that are rooted in goal alignment, effective communication and constructive group reflection.

We apply state and county quality data to enhance program services and assess enrichment opportunities. Why? Simply stated — because we want to help students achieve. If you are interested in learning about the opportunities that HSECP can provide for your school, contact us today!