A high-quality curriculum provides students with diverse experiences that acknowledge different learning styles. HSECP integrates “Spots” that provides students with the free-choice to lead and learn.

Corporation Objective:

  • Plan, organize, and manage student-centered initiatives

Study Hall Objective:

  • Apply instructional strategies
  • Complete various content related assignments

Spotlight Objective:

  • Design and perform creative productions
  • Practicing cooperative and collaborative skills

Café Objective:

  • Categorize food based upon the nutritional value
  • Prepare ingredients
  • Execute recipes
  • Promote healthy living

S.T.E.M. Design Objective:

  • Design and conduct scientific investigations
  • Understand basic techniques
  • Drawing, designing, creative projects

The Lounge: WiFi Café Objective:

  • Collect, organize, display and interpret information
  • Specific topics incorporating the use of technology

Gameroom Objective:

  • Use interactive games
  • Enhance strategic thinking


21st Century Enrichment Grant

HotSpots Extended Care Program has partnered with The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools to launch for the first time during this school year 21st Century Enrichment Grants to BCPS elementary schools to fund innovative projects not funded in the school budget.

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