School Community Engagement


HotSpots collaboration forms two-way relationships that are rooted in goal alignment, effective communication and constructive group reflection.

Our partnership extends into the school day through support of:
  • School Improvement Teams
  • Parent Involvement Plans
  • Professional Development
  • Parent Teacher Association Meetings


HotSpots applies state and county quality data to enhance program services and assess enrichment opportunities. Why? Simply stated — because we want to help students achieve.
  • State assessment data prioritizes instructional objectives and supports school outreach events.
  • Administrators and HotSpots work together to identify and plan school-wide enrichment experiences.
  • School Day Educators are surveyed and answer the question, “How can WE help you?”

With limited resources and demands of the traditional classroom growing, HotSpots serves as a support to the school house and educator. With alignment and reinforced learning opportunities, students are bound to build connections and develop a 30+ greater love for learning.

21st Century Enrichment Grant

HotSpots Extended Care Program has partnered with The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools to launch for the first time during this school year 21st Century Enrichment Grants to BCPS elementary schools to fund innovative projects not funded in the school budget.

Join Us

As a not-for-profit, we are interested in developing relationships with organizations who understand the value of our vision and the importance of developing our youth.