HotSpots’ Unwavering Commitment to Keeping Kids Active during Winter Months!


Let’s Move! Play 60! Even before the pandemic, encouraging kids to get active was, and still remains, a steadfast initiative in society and the educational fields. The virtual learning experience in the past couple years hindered the ability for children to practice and develop healthy habits through physical fitness. At HotSpots Extended Care Program, our team knows the importance this initiative carries even into the winter months. Physical activity for children can support their cardiovascular fitness, building strong bones and muscles, reduction of stress and anxiety, and weight control. HotSpots acknowledges that doctors suggest children participate in at least 1 hour of physical activity a day, and our programs allow for this type of development both outside during mild winter days and inside when the elements are too severe.


This balance of inside and outside activity during the winter allows for the development of the whole child which is of the upmost importance to HSECP. As a before and after school program that supports the development of the whole child, we are always focused on the safety of our children as a top priority. The physical activities offered in HotSpots programs are provided outside of school day hours in an environment where all children are offered an equal opportunity to move, learn and play!


In our positive, inclusive, and supportive environment, children will be encouraged to incorporate healthy practices into their daily life, ultimately developing intrinsic motivators for their own well-being. Take advantage of High Quality Before and After school programs, like HotSpots Extended Care Program, who are here to support the development of the whole child outside of the classroom.