On November 10th, Hot Spots Extended Care Program hosted Green Day at Lyons Mill Elementary followed by a STEM Expo on November 12th. HSECP and the Green School Committee combined efforts to promote environmental literacy within the school house and during the county event. The goal of these events was to increase student knowledge of environmental literacy, and to support Lyons Mill Elementary School with their Maryland Green School’s Application.

Environmental literacy is the practice of living a sustainable life by performing daily acts that contribute to conservation and environmental protection. According to the Campaign for Environmental Literacy, this practice has five key components: awareness, knowledge, attitude, skills and action.

Hot Spots and School Day Educators collaborated on full days of enrichment and learning, including a student-centered assembly and hands-on activities. Over 700 students participated in Environmental Literacy Day, which offered four different STEM activities reinforcing concepts related to wind and solar energy.  Over 100 students participated in the STEM Expo, which offered two different STEM activities for students focusing in homopolar motors, simple circuits and recyclable houses.

Over 40 students completed an Energy Detective Challenge following the events, and every student was given one to complete at school or take home. The 5th graders were the stars, with the largest percent of their grade participating in the Energy Detective Challenge. Students from 30 different classrooms attended Environmental Literacy Day, making it and the STEM Expo a huge success.