The Hot Spots students at Mays Chapel Elementary will be participating in the Young Audiences Cultural Heritage Program’s Flamenco Showcase! The Cultural Heritage program was created to expose students to a variety of cultures, life styles and unique histories, so that students and their families could experience new cultures in vivid detail.

For this specific unit, students were introduced to the Spanish/Hispanic Culture throughout five (5) residency workshops. One of the elements which was explored was the traditional Flamenco dance and music. They also had a brief introduction to the history of the Romani (Gypsy) people.

Through this program and through the Flamenco Showcase event, Hot Spots Educators hope that as students learn about the music and creative expressions of other cultures, a sense of curiosity and empathy will be nurtured in them, encouraging them to explore new cultures and music.This night will give the students’ families the opportunity to see their children perform a choreographed dance that the students have put effort and heart into learning and perfecting. Additionally, students and their families will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge at home through the extended learning program. Hot Spots is excited to host an event which gives students a chance to have fun, dance and be creative while also learning about the world around them.

Hot Spots, in conjunction with the Mays Chapel Elementary School, is excited to provide opportunities for community connection and outreach, as well as coordinate exciting learning experiences with schools dedicated to bringing after-school enrichment to their students.

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