The Need for Before and After Care in a Post Pandemic World


The need for children to engage with others in physical play, creative collaboration, and social experiences has continued to grow since the start of the pandemic. HotSpots is here to provide high quality before and after care in order to bridge the gap caused by time out of the classroom. Our team offers safe and developmentally appropriate opportunities to shape and exercise a growing mind. When compared to those who do not, children who attend before and after care experience more opportunities to practice and master the skills learned in the classroom. Before and after care is often the best setting for children to try and experience new things in an inclusive environment that supports all learning styles. HotSpots has always supported the whole development of each child, providing opportunities to grow and further their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.


Top 10 Reasons to Choose HotSpots:

  1. Our programs offer enrichment opportunities that build off their classroom skills daily
  2. HotSpots offers a convenient and safe environment inside your child’s elementary school
  3. Homework support is provided
  4. Healthy snacks provided
  5. Free childcare is provided during PTA Meetings
  6. Partnership with Baltimore County Executives to Bridge the Learning Gap
  7. Student Choices offered daily
  8. Programs filled with experienced, diverse staff who are provided routine training
  9. Student Led Clubs offered based on specific interests
  10. HotSpots is the provider of choice for 45 Elementary schools


Our team uses collaborative and thought-out methods to focus on conscious discipline that will benefit the students now, and far into the future of their education. These tactics are what separates HotSpots from other extended care programs and allows us to excel in our field. The previous 10 highlights are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to what our programs can do for your families. Enroll in a HotSpots Before and After Care Program today to secure your child’s spot to thrive and grow with their friends in a positive and supportive environment!