Our Story

We build relationships…

  • To support student social, emotional and intellectual growth.
  • That encourage students to be hands-on learners.
  • That ensure a parent’s sense of security.
  • To assist schools in achieving their academic and engagement goals.

Our passion for children does not stop when the school day ends, but extends into the nontraditional learning environment. Our purpose is to aid students in the application of skills learned during the traditional educational day and to transfer and reinforce that knowledge using instructional strategies, hands-on learning experiences and digital learning tools. Through a collaborative partnership HotSpots, School Day educators and Community Leaders extend children’s learning experience outside of the “typical school day hours!” Learning changes a child’s life offering opportunity, imagination and a dream.


HotSpots Program originated within the structure of Celebree School, a for-profit early child care provider, as an external provider to students attending schools in the local community.


Our vision is to promote academic achievement by extending learning outside of the classroom and strengthening the school-community relationships.


Discover the schools and additional institutions that HotSpots Extended Care Program Inc. partners with and serves.


The Executive Team behind HSECP has extensive experience in childhood development and a constant drive to make a difference in children's emotional and intellectual growth.

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We value our employees and invest time in learning the professional motivations of each. Through individual growth planning and continuous communication, we work together to learn from one another.

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Our success is built on fostering relationships. One of our most valuable relationships is with the schools we serve. We want to be an extension of your school day and school family.