Emily Gordon, Executive Director

Ms. Emily Gordon, like so many others in the world, set out on a path to make a difference.  She thought that difference would start in a traditional classroom; however, she found that most educators ventured down that path quite often. Instead, she observed a greater need down a similar, yet different path to stimulate minds before and after the school bell rang, which led her to HSECP in 2009.

Ms. Emily Gordon has always been committed to developing the uniqueness in every child. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Special Education Psychology, as well as, a Masters Degree of Education, At-Risk Specialization.   She is an advocate for community collaboration serving on the Partnership Board of United Way Central Maryland and co-chairs Kids Helping Hopkins a values-based and philanthropic program. She has led a rapidly growing HSECP Team for the past seven years, by building effective relationships and promoting teamwork. She is the recipient of The Brava! Top Female CEO Award and The Daily Records Top Twenty in Their Twenties for her exemplary leadership skills.

As Executive Director, Ms. Emily Gordon focuses on organizational effectiveness and business development. She is committed to elevating the standard of out-of-school time experiences while growing consistent and meaningful relationships with HSECP students, families, schools, communities and team.