Materials:  Paper towels, large bowl of water, plastic cup (varying in size)

What is the best way to keep the paper towel dry? You must figure out a way to put the paper towel into the bucket of water and remove it without the paper towel getting wet only using the materials provided.

Challenge Yourself: Once you can keep the paper dry, challenge yourself to use smaller pieces of paper towel or even different size cups!

Parent Answer Key:

  1. Scrunch up a piece of paper into the bottom of a dry glass. Make sure that enough paper is scrunched so that it won’t fall out when you flip the glass upside down. Also make sure that it’s scrunched enough that there aren’t any pieces hanging down beyond the glass that would get into the water during the experiment.
  2. Flip the glass upside down, and holding it very straight and steady, put the glass inside the container of water, straight down to the bottom. Then pull the glass out, also straight and steady. The paper stayed dry!