On May 15th, the students and families of Hickory Elementary School will come together for a STEAM Night event. This event, which was coordinated through the efforts of Hot Spots, Hickory Elementary PTA members and a Hickory teacher liaison, is meant to provide the Hickory community an opportunity to have fun, learn and enjoy hands-on experiences that enrich their knowledge of science, technology, art and math concepts.

Planning, coordination and communication between Hot Spots, Hickory Elementary PTA members and the Hickory teacher liaison, has been underway for months, and the team is very excited to present STEAM Night to the Hickory students, families and community.

STEAM Night will give students the chance to participate in a wide array of STEAM activities. Starting the night off with an art gallery and a much-anticipated ice cream social, students and their families will then begin to rotate through various classrooms to participate in the STEAM activities of their choosing. The event will also feature special, Hot Spots-created, STEAM activities, such as pendulum painting, Ice-STEAM and instrument making. The night will culminate with a YA percussion assembly, featuring Uncle Devin, Mr. Grasshopper and Hot Spots students. Students and their families will be encouraged to participate in the music with the instruments they created earlier in the evening.

STEAM Night at Hickory Elementary was created to give students and their families a chance to spend time together in new and constructive ways, allowing for students to stretch their minds, work creatively and cooperatively, and improve their tactile skills. Their families will be provided the opportunity to watch their children learn in fun and engaging ways, as well as enjoy the chance to tap into their own inner child and increase their STEAM-related knowledge and understanding.

Hot Spots, in conjunction with Hickory Elementary educators and PTA members, is excited to provide opportunities for community connection and outreach, as well as coordinate exciting learning experiences with schools dedicated to bringing after-school enrichment to their students.

To learn more about how you can plan a Hot Spots partnership event at your school, contact us today!