The Importance of Before and After School Enrichment Programs

The intellectual, social and emotional growth of school children does not end when the school bell rings. After-school enrichment programs are just as critical for accelerating your child’s development. Here, the after-school enrichment providers at Hot Spots Extended Care Program detail why school age children benefit from additional enrichment beyond the classroom.

Before and After School Programs Provide Positive Outlets for Creativity and Discovery

Children who are participate in after-school enrichment programs are well-supervised, and given the opportunity to learn and create in a productive way. Children from lower income neighborhoods especially benefit from this, as it prevents them from spending more time in environments that may open a door to illicit behavior. Parents of children in before and after school care programs are more confident about the welfare of their children, providing them the ability and peace of mind to be more productive at work.

Individualized Learning Drives Curriculum

While teachers in traditional classrooms strive to provide individualized learning, class sizes, budget, time and curriculum constraints, make this goal a difficult one to achieve. Before and after school programs often have smaller group sizes and flexible program guidelines, allowing educators to cater their teaching approaches to the needs of the students. Educators can implement more creative, hands-on and multimodal lesson plans, many of which revolve around STEM, STEAM and nontraditional learning. Children who struggle in traditional classrooms often perform strongly in after-school programs, as they have more freedom and autonomy in learning and creating.

Enrichment Outside of Regular School Hours Boosts Academic Performance

Children who participate in before and after school programs are able to receive additional assistance in learning and understanding difficult concepts. They can then take their newfound knowledge to the classroom, increasing their academic performance and grades. Children who feel confident in their understanding of subjects are also less likely to cause issues in the classroom because they feel a sense of anxiety or frustration. Through unique methods of teaching, after school enrichment programs can foster a passion for STEAM subjects, preparing children for success in the society in which they live.

After School Programs Help Curb Behavioral and Emotional Issues

It is important for children to have positive and productive interactions with their peers and adult role models. After school enrichment programs create an outlet for students to pursue friendships and meaningful connections with those around them in a fun yet enriching environment. As after school enrichment programs are often less formal than traditional classrooms, children who are shy or reserved may also feel less intimidated, and therefore more likely to contribute and participate. These programs also allow children to interact with a diverse group of peers, helping children learn tolerance, open-mindedness and respect.

Hot Spots’ Pledge to Parents, Students and Educators

Hot Spots Extended Care Program prides itself on providing enriching, nurturing and fun  before and after-school programs. With a focus on STEAM and nontraditional subjects, hands-on lessons and student participation, parents can rest assured knowing their children are developing and improving the skills necessary for success. If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of Hot Spots’ enriching before and after school programs, contact us today for more information!