Upcoming: William S James Ugandan Drum and Dance Assemblies

On Thursday, March 9, students at William S James will perform in two school wide Ugandan drum and dance assemblies in partnership with Young Audiences of Maryland, a not-for-profit organization committed to teaching the importance of arts integration in education.  This event is the culmination of Hot Spots students learning Ugandan culture, history and dance choreography over a period of 8 workshops.  The arts enrichment program is an extension of the Hot Spots enrichment program and is offered at no-cost to all students.  The cultural focus of the residency was planned in partnership and collaboration of Hot Spots and William S James educators, in alignment with the school’s improvement plan.

After the event, every class and family is encouraged to participate in a community dance challenge in which they will learn specific Ugandan dance choreography, and be challenged to post their dance videos using social media channels.

The Ugandan Drum and Dance workshops, assemblies and ongoing dance challenge provide students with the opportunity to learn through the arts of different cultures. Such activities promote creative thinking, an appreciation for diversity and a sense of world community.

To learn more about how you can plan a Hot Spots partnership event at your school, contact us today!