Wellness Night at Hillcrest Elementary School

On Thursday March 23rd, families will come together at Hillcrest Elementary School for the Hillcrest Wellness Night. This event is the culmination of a school wide effort to educate students and families about healthy living.

Over the past few weeks, students and staff have taken part in assemblies to educate them on healthy eating. But, the Hillcrest Wellness Night will also provide families an opportunity to come together to learn about many aspects of healthy living and how they benefit our lives. Hillcrest educators, community members and PTA have come together to provide an abundance of activities for families to engage in to learn about wellness.

On the night of the event, students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of healthy-living related activities, rotating through stations such as shopping at the Hillcrest Grocery, planting a mini salad greenhouse, learning to Row or Bike and participating in Yoga and/or a fitness boot camp. The structured activities at the Hillcrest Wellness Night were designed to help students and their families develop a better understanding of the importance of living a healthier lifestyle. The education builds on what students and faculty have already been learning by delving deeper into topics ranging from seat belt safety, to where food comes from, to exercising to stay fit.

Through this event, Hot Spots hopes to see a commitment made by families and members of the community to continually encourage wellness in the children by modeling healthy habits. Following the event, Hot Spots will challenge students, families and the Catonsville community to incorporate what they have learned into their daily habits with the goal of promoting wellness in all citizens.

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