In May, the students and staff at Forest Lakes Elementary School will come together for African Drum and Dance Assemblies. This event, which was coordinated through the efforts of Hot Spots and Forest Lakes administrators and staff, is meant to provide the students at FLES an opportunity to have fun, learn and enjoy hands-on experiences that enrich their knowledge of the art, music and culture from around a different part of the world.

The Young Audiences Ssuuna event will be preceded by a two-week residency program, in which twenty Hot Spots students will learn about the culture and history of drum and dance performances in Africa. These students will also have the opportunity to learn the drum and dance routines, and perform them in front of their teachers and peers in a culminating school-wide assembly.

The drum and dance assembly will give students the chance to experience and engage in the art form of another culture—an opportunity that may not have been afforded to them without the collaborative efforts of FLES staff, Hot Spots and Young Audiences. At the conclusion of the assembly, five classrooms will have the chance to participate in an extension activity, and 10% of FLES students will get to complete a take home activity. These activities help to further extend the impact of the event in terms of the students’ learning and the exposure of the lessons to the Forest Lakes community and families.

Hot Spots, in conjunction with Forest Lakes Elementary and Young Audiences, is excited to provide opportunities for community connection and outreach, as well as coordinate exciting learning experiences with schools dedicated to bringing after-school enrichment to their students.

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